PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon

Since 2019, we ventured into PVC tarpaulin canvas supply – mainly custom made shape/design for local longhouses uses – (farm, agriculture, aquaculture), transportation (lorry) and industrial uses – shading, equipment cover etc.

In Sarawak local market, it is commonly called rubber canvas, indeed it is a PVC Tarpaulin Vynylon. We are dealing with 3 main categories of tarpaulin; each has its distinctive specifications and applications.

  • PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon
  • PVC Tarpaulin
  • PE Tarpaulin


Ultra Lite Series (BMS-2000), Super Heavy Duty, ranked on top, material – polyester coated with polyurethane/polyethylene. Specification CLICK HERE

PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon, is made of industrial-grade canvas and intended for super heavy-duty use. It is waterproof and has high abrasion resistance and tear strength. PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon is ideal for logistic, industrial, agriculture, horticulture and construction use. It is the material for heavy-duty applications. This type of tarpaulin has the ability to provide strong resistance to fungi, mildew and insects. Additionally, it is an excellent water repellent and has strong resistance against sunlight.


PVC is the abbreviation derived from polyvinyl chloride, or more commonly known as PVC Tarpaulin. It is a derivative of natural salt, water and petroleum. PVC Tarpaulin has a fantastic heat resistant characteristic, when placed under direct sunlight with UV attack, it reacts more slowly compared to other materials. In addition to that, PVC Tarpaulins are generally unaffected by moist. It is not only chemically stable, resistant to moths and biological attack, but also poor conductors of heat and electricity.

With such properties, PVC Tarpaulin found its extensive usage in industrial applications such as bonding agents for non-woven products, filter pads, fishing lines and nets, fishing pond carpets and protective clothing.

Another highly popular usage of PVC tarpaulin is as water proof canvas in the fabrication of commercial umbrella canvas, canopy canvas, multipurpose covers, canvas bag, canvas sheets and awnings as it has a variety of favourable properties which supports these applications. PVC fibres are soft and have good elasticity; it has the ability to resume to its original shape and position from bending and folding.


PE tarpaulin is a type of lightweight waterproof canvas and is commonly used on work sites in the form of canvas sheet as temporary tents, cover for building materials and equipment. One of an important reason which makes it popular is its price. It is apparently one of the most cost effective material for temporary coverage. Further, due to its lightweight design, it is very user friendly and portable. It can be transported and used to set up coverage with least effort.

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